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Tattle App Features

Customer feedback in its most modernized, incentivized, and constructive form.

Give merchants the feedback needed to improve your expereince at their business. By earning deals, now there is an even better reason to do so!

Merchant Operations

With customer acquisition facing nearly 6x greater difficulty for merchants than retaining a current customer, constant evaluation and assessment of service quality is paramount to ensuring high customer retention. Through Tattle, merchants can receive the feedback they need in order to provide optimal service for their customers and ensure long-standing success.

Customer Feedback

Approximately 40% of online reviews of businesses are fabricated; not to mention, ranting and generally unconstructive. Tattle provides merchants with a Dashboard enabling them to collect the specific feedback that they want to collect while avoiding much of the public bruising of bad reviews.

Incentivized Feedback

Coupled with taking approximately 75% of a merchant's sale, Daily Deal companies result in an astronomically low repeat purchase rate from customers at approximately 30%. Tattle offers a standard monthly fee for its service and a medium for customer engagement to help build brand loyalty and generate recurring revenue.

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